Make The Most of Your Experience



Taste your way through the Vintage Wine Estates’ refreshing crisp Sparkling, White and Rosé Wines! 

Visit the Tasting Room for a special wine tasting and learn more about the property with B.R. Cohn’s knowledgeable team of wine professionals. Wine not?



We’re excited to announce our Sonoma Harvest Merch Partnership with Aviator Nation!

Get exclusive Sonoma Harvest and Aviator Nation co-branded Merch at the Aviator Nation Store located at the festival.




We are proud to join BYOBottle, a music industry campaign to promote reusable water bottles and turn the tide on plastic pollution. To help, you can bring your own, EMPTY water bottles to Sonoma Harvest and refill at our water stations to reduce plastic waste. 



Start your day with a Spritz or join us for an afternoon Sonoma Paloma on the patio of our new Cocktail Lounge overlooking the hillsides of beautiful Sonoma. Plus, you won’t want to miss out on sampling Salt Point’s ready to drink canned cocktails such as the Greyhound, Gin Highball, and Cape Cod.

Check out the beverage options here.


AFTER party at vintage space

Head over to Vintage Space at The Flamingo Resort in Santa Rosa to catch Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation on Saturday, Oct. 8th.
His new project is a deep reimagining of a process that features a collective of artists, musicians, producers, visual artists and videographers. With multidimensional music and a convergence of genres; it blends, merges and melds together into one singular experience.

Buy tickets here.