Monophonics are just hitting their stride as one of the premier soul bands in the country.The Bay Area band delivers cinematic songs with timeless hooks anchored by Kelly Finnigans soulful organ and powerhouse vocals. Their sound is inspired equally by classic soul and classic American songwriting.  

The bands main members live just North of San Francisco, CA in Marin county, a place revered among artists, surfers, hippies and musicians; three of them grew up here. The band members simultaneously revere and honor the Bay Areas colorblind and highly diverse musical tradition that dates back to Haight/Ashburys psychedelic revolution and Sly Stone and the Family Stones multiracial, funky grab-bag. Soulful vocals, funky drum-breaks, psychedelic guitar licks and fuzz bass intermingle effortlessly across the bands catalogue, most effortlessly on their newest EP: Mirrors. 

Mirrors delivers a six-song fix to feening fans and curious newcomers in advance of a new Monophonics full-length later in 2018. The release is all cover tunes with some well-known songs mixed in with some seriously deep cuts, all band favorites. Sound of Sinning” (Transistor Sound Records, 2015), the bands second full-length album since lead singer, producer and keyboard player, Kelly Finningan joined the band. Evolving from their psychedelic soul roots with In Your Brain,” (Ubiquity, 2012), Sound of Sinning” displays the bands’ appreciation for classic song craft and Summer of Love pop-soul-psychedelia.  

Monophonics’ meticulous, yet raw recordings start just like their raucous and soulful live shows, in the same room, cutting live as a rhythm section together,” Finnigan explains. Ryan Scott and Mike Rintas horn and string arrangements add accents and sonic colors to the tracks, completing the soul symphony. In the tradition of Stax, Muscle Shoals, Daptone and Dunham, Monophonics’ sonic approach is equal parts classic analog gear, (everythings recorded to an old Tascam eight-track 1/4” tape machine), old-fashioned woodshedding,Kelly Finnigans late night overdubs and studio wizardry. Were from the same school as the producers from the studios we love. We usethe tools that we have to make the best records we can. 

Baked-in to any Monophonics record theres a vibe, that elusive element that lesser bands cant fake, as Kelly Finnigan put it: I think its having people who are all on the same page, striving to capture that musical moment and being honest in their playing and being thoughtful and putting their ego to the side to serve the song.”